Dance Dance Party Party!

No Boys. No Booze.
Leg Warmers Optional!

Kamloops, BC hosts one of the newest chapters of the female-only cult phenomenon known as Dance Dance Party Party™ (DDPP™). Unlike typical workout or dance classes, Dance Dance Party Party™ has no instructors, no fitness goals, and nothing to prove. There are only three rules in the room – no boys, no booze, and no judgment. Women around the world are responding to this liberating atmosphere where they are free to goof around, shake their bodies without objectification and feel good about who they are.

Begun in 2006, DDPP™ is the creation of New York City residents Glennis McMurray and Marcy Girt. The two friends loved dancing at the clubs with gal pals, but loathed cover charges, getting hit on and reeking of alcohol and cigarettes the next day.

The set-up is simple: an hour of booty-busting tunes, a dance studio or other room with the lights turned low, and women willing to let go. Although McMurray and Girt began the class on a whim, they found it struck an unexpected chord. “DDPP started as a way to work out and have fun without the conformity of a gym – how often have you heard your favorite song while you’re on the treadmill and wanted to hop off to do a real running man?" said McMurray. "But it has morphed into this amazing revolution of sorts where women come to find that little girl inside us all who just wants to have fun!”

Attendees can even sign up to “Guest DJ” by creating a custom mp3 playlist. Anything and everything goes from Broadway to hip-hop to 80’s hits (along with a cool-down song at the end); 20 or so songs that will get everyone up and moving. Ladies are encouraged not only to DJ but to give themselves a killer DJ name.

Chicago Tribune reporter Monica Eng wrote, “Why we decide to reveal our inner spaz to this room of mostly strangers is unclear,” and concludes DDPP™ is “a buttload of fun.”

Sign up to “Guest DJ” & Create a custom MP3 List... Give Yourself a killer DJ Name!


1 Hour + Booty-busting tunes + Dance Studio + Women willing to let go = Buttload of fun!

A rhythmic young Madonna once won the empathy of footloose women everywhere when she belted out, "Only when I'm dancing can I feel this free-ee." If, at night, you lock the door so no one else can see-ee, consider joining Dance Dance Party Party™ instead. Every [Thursday] evening, a ragtag harem sweats to the beats of one lucky lady's iPod mix. Come on, Flashdancers: "Take your passion, and make it happen." -Jane Borden, Time Out NY


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