Zumba, Glee, Urban Movement instructors Kamloops
Shalen Curle AKA Shay
Shalen Curle AKA Shay

Students describe her as: Motivational, fun, enthusiastic, engaging, animated, expressive, positive, upbeat with a big smile and spunky attitude.

Dance is truly one of Shay’s favourite things.Shay has been dancing since she was a child and has dabbled in many forms including but not limited to tap, ballet, jazz, latin, ballroom, free-style and can can.

Although she must admit that the dance that releases her inner gangsta is her favourite, hip hop baby! More recently Shay has also fallen in love with Zumba, primarily because of it’s high energy, fun variety and magical way that it gets your sweat on without even noticing it. She’s a girl that loves being active but hates working out; Oh my god, I think they’re in love!

You’ll feel her energy, passion and love for dance in every step and motion you make together. Surely you’ll be inspired with Shay’s positive energetic flare and she will surely keep you coming back for more! Shay is certified in Zumba levels 1 and 2, Zumba Gold, Zumba toning and is an active ZIN member.

She also holds a BBA and is the mastermind behind the magic.

Jacqueline Geoffrion AKA Jac
Jacqueline Geoffrion AKA Jac

Students describe her as: High energy, motivational, positive, easy to follow, encouraging and approachable.

Jacqueline combines her skilled ability and passion for fitness fun to create a dynamic class mix. She has been instructing group fitness classes for the past two years. With a solid foundation in fitness theory and individual conditioning, choreography and instruction, Jacqueline is ever striving to learn more and improve your workout experience.

Along with fitness, dance is another one of her passions and with Zumba Fitness those two are combined into one amazing fun-filled workout! Jacqueline is a certified ACE personal trainer and is currently licensed to teach Zumba, ZumbAtomic, Zumba Gold, and is an active ZIN member.

Come on out and experience some classes Jac style!

Susy Castro-Dubeau AKA Susy
Susy Castro-Dubeau AKA Susy

Students describe her as: Fun, energetic, bubbly, sassy, sweet, encouraging, spicy, talented, and exciting.

Susy will get you movin’ and shakin’, this is a guarantee! Susy Dubeau, from San Jose, Costa Rica, is recognized as a leading dancer, fitness instructor and top choreographer.

She has danced with the National Dance Company from her country and was the choreographer for the #1 television variety show in Costa Rica.  Since moving to Kamloops in 2003, Susy has taught dance and fitness at the YMCA, various local dance schools, Thompson Rivers University and various local elementary and high schools.

With a University degree in physical education and Dance, Susy is a Professional Group Fitness Instructor, 3 time Costa Rican National Aerobics Champion, Member of IDEA (Health & Fitness Association), Certified AFAA, Certified Personal Trainer and Certified Zumba Instructor.

Get your sass on with Susy!

Priya Varma AKA Pri
Priya Varma AKA Pri

Students describe her as: Jokester, challenger, hip, easy going, funky and fresh.

Dance is Priya’s hobby, art and passion!

Priya has been dancing since the tiny age of three and since then has been privileged to dance with the judges from So You Think You Can Dance, as well as Gus Bembery, Choreographer for Chris Brown, Janet Jackson and many more.

Her genres include ballet, tap, jazz, and go-go but her skills have excelled in the area of hip hop and as a result, she’s been blessed to travel the world to dance. Priya loves hip hop movement because it’s an expression from within and her way of relieving daily stress.

She is a challenger who never gives up on her students’ well being and their dance fitness goals.

She understands that working out is difficult and challenging for us all, so she’s happy to help everyone get out on that dance floor, hear the beat, and shed those calories in a fresh, fun and energetic way!

If you love to tap your toe to the beat, indulge in a fun dance and fitness challenge with Priya! 

Lisa Hyder AKA Lilly or Little Lisa
Lisa Hyder AKA Lilly or Little Lisa

Students describe her as: sweet, kind, caring, cool, unique and zen-like.

Lisa Hyder is a true transformer! By day, Lisa supports children with special needs; and by night she is an acclaimed fire dancer and hula hoop performer.

Lisa’s journey began 5 years ago when she started learning how to fire dance with her friends Bri and Kris. Together they span poi and staff.  Following this, Bri gave Lisa a small plastic hula hoop from the dollarstore and her life had changed forever.  Self taught with hundreds of videos from the internet, she can’t stop her unending fascination with the hoop.  She especially loves how beautiful, creative and sexy hula hooping can be.

After practicing intensely in her living room with her little sparkly dollar store hoop; she realized that to advance she needed a larger hoop.  She started engineering and creating adult sized hula hoops and decorating them with color and flare. She now sells her custom hoops to aspiring hoopers who want to join in her enthralment.

Lisa owns a home-based business named Fluid Fire and she sells LED toys, hula hoops, fire dance equipment, and instructional DVDs.

She has also performed many fire and hooping shows including the Halloween Gala, Fandango, Shuswap gathering, Canada Day celebrations, Western Canada Summer Games, and countless private birthdays and weddings.

In addition, she has provided hula hoop activities for the last two years in the Children's Art Festival, and The Power of Being a Girl Conference.

Come experience the motion of Lisa’s flowing ocean… Caution you might just get addicted!

Tara Badyk AKA Tara
Tara Badyk AKA Tara

Students describe her as: outgoing, fun and energetic - Always bouncing with energy!!

Tara has always been active in many sports and fitness. She took various dance classes growing up and as an adult for fun until she found Zumba!

Getting addicted to classes over 3 years ago in Vernon, learning from her best friend (now a Zumba Jammer) Tara decided she needed to teach herself. As a certified Zumba instructor and active Zin member she has been instructing for almost a year at the YMCA and she absolutely loves it!

She especially loves the music, high energy, variety of dances, and the passion from the students who do it. For Tara, the best part is having people of all ages come out and feel the music, shake their bodies and get a wicked total body workout.

And to any new students, don’t fear…you don’t have to know how to dance to enjoy a Zumba party!

You will catch on easily and it will be the most fun you’ve ever had doing a workout; Tara promises this!

Come out and "SHAKE IT" with Tara!

Jaime Brown AKA Jame or Cool J
Jaime Brown AKA Jame or Cool J

Students describe her as: funky, fierce, endearing, sweet, kind, happy, vibrant, hot and cool

Jaime Brown’s gonna help you get your groove on! By day, Jaime works in a legal department: hair up with specs on, in this state she’s all professional-like. By night, she lets that platinum hair down and busts out her inner thug! This girl’s got G Unit oozing out of her, who woulda thunk it?!

Jaime has been dancing for over 12 years and her expertise echoes of Hip Hop style.She started teaching 6 years ago and has taught all ages including children and adults.

She has trained at countless conventions in Vancouver and New York including So You Think You Can Dance and has also been taught by top celebrity choreographers for Janet Jackson and Chris Brown.

Jaime especially loves incorporating fitness into her dance classes as she believes this is the way to build a strong body, mind and heart; dance is healing and it can take your entire being to amazing places!

She encourages everyone to dance and thinks that all people should be allowed to express themselves in an environment that allows them to be who they are.

Deep down everyone has a fierce firecracker within them ready to explode, and Jaime’s excited to help bring that Fierce out to play!

Daryl Black AKA Luna Deelight, Dee or Pixie
Daryl Black AKA Luna Deelight, Dee or Pixie

Students describe her as: Sweet, lovable, gentle, happy, outgoing, new age earth muffin

Daryl has been hoop dancing for just over a year but you’d never know it by her circular flow and eternal grace! She originally saw an online video of a girl hooping and she couldn’t pull her eyes away; she felt captivated by the girl’s happiness, freedom and beauty.

From that moment, Daryl decided she was this mysterious entertainer and the following week her obsession took form.

Daryl has studied and practiced her passion through countless tutorials and sunny summer days at the beach. She loves learning new tricks and her excitement to share and teach others has only grown over time.

Daryl loves the endless stylistic possibilities that you can perform with one simple toy and this keeps her coming back and eager to learn more! Daryl has performed at various shows and events including those hosted by Kamloops Burlesque, Cactus Jacks and Kamloops Wake Fest. Daryl says that she loves how hooping makes her feel: sexy, fit and joyful!

She also admits that her self-confidence has improved and if she’s having a bad day, hooping is a meditative way to clear her mind. Over the last year Daryl has also learnt how to design and build custom hoops and enjoys making them.

She lives to express herself, entertain and share her gifts of hoop peace and freedom with others. Get lost with Daryl in the eternal flow, when you’re here, nothing else matters…

Hayley Schofield AKA Haylz
Hayley Schofield AKA Haylz

Students describe her as: Fun, positive, motivating, encouraging and full of love for all activities!

Hayley’s passion for hiking evolved six years ago when she moved to Kamloops. Growing up in Winnipeg she never had the opportunity to explore the vast terrain and beauty the west coast environment has to offer. Escaping to the outdoors has become a personal favorite of Hayley’s.

She has hiked numerous trails in BC, Central America, Peru and Thailand. She truly wants to share her passion for fitness and the outdoors with others! Whether you want to join us to improve your health, indulge in the scenery or for the socialization aspect - Hayley is always encouraging new people to share in these remarkable adventures with her!

Avery Ste Marie AKA Aves
Avery Ste Marie AKA Aves

Students describe her as: Hot Damn!, firecracker, energetic and athletic

Dance and fitness have always been two of Avery’s passions. She grew up doing various types of dance but focused mainly on ballet and jazz. However, in her late teens she stopped dancing to pursue soccer which was another one of her interests and passions at the time. As an adult, Avery stumbled upon Zumba and it brought her back to her dance and fitness roots; it was a perfect combination of some of her favourite things!

Avery has been teaching Zumba for over 1 year and her goal is to push people to meet their fitness goals, while having a rockin’ time! Zumba is filled with amazing energy and it continues to amaze Avery how it can turn her day around in a heartbeat.

Come on out and turn your slump days into smashin’ hits with Avery! Avery is certified in Zumba Basics 1 and is an active ZIN member.